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16-17 June 2016 Aalborg User Meeting for the Scandinavian User Group
(Teaching June 15th with Stefan and Katrin)
Next time spring-early summer in Gothenburg 2017

First, many thanks to Aalborg and Helle! Very well organized!
Good coffee - fresh fruit - water - lunch - dinner and a nice concert!
Nice presentation and tour in the concert hall


Katrin and Stefan OPAS-Online
Some discussions about updateintervall and security
contents of popup and tooltip;
how to increase the acceptance of OPAS Online and OPAS Calendar App for the musicians by optimizing view and calendar URL and individual logins;
insert links into OPAS Online (manual will follow soon)

Katrin. Some of the new features since last year in OPAS
new website www.opas.eu with release notes, howtoguides, upload and download area
OPAS youtube channel with howto videos
new functionality in Dates, Date/Works, Duties. https://www.opas.eu/opas-version-9-24-045-release-notes/
new functionalities in Addresses, Dates, Expenses, Filters, Works. https://www.opas.eu/opas-version-9-24-044-release-notes/
new functionalities in Duties Management and Tours. https://www.opas.eu/opas-version-9-24-038-release-notes/

Katrin and Stefan announced coming RSS feeds as a possibility for new informationchannel to management and orchestramembers.
new OPAS Online functionality: RSS feeds. coming: OPAS Online version 2.9: optimized for tablet use

Stefan: Contracts for Artists and Substitutes
creating contracts from different OPAS areas
Arne showed Woelbitsch script for contracts from calendar ( "Create Contracts") (From calendar is the most used method for contracts in GSO- we do not do contract for substitutes)
We have contract-templates for
-English contract for artist/conductor with agent
-English contract for artist/conductor with company
-English contract for artist/conductor selfemployed
-Swedish contract for artist/conductor with salary
-Swedish contract for artist/conductor with company

And the most wanted! Katrin showed OPAS Next
OPAS Next will not replace OPAS Online!
Will be released as modules
possibility to work in mixed mode OPAS/OPAS Next
Release: Hopefully this year: OPAS Basic
Web interface
Convert SQL or FoxPro database to MySql
The hardest and most time consuming programming is made: APIs and basic functionality. Addresses and Calendar ready.

Arne showed:
How we inform substitutes: http://wwww.gsosub.se where there also is google-form for contact information
Arne showed how to make this webpage with Microsoft Word
The substitutes gets the link to schedule schema.gso.se
We publish the music on http://www.gso.se/instudering (Password was something with the Swedish band Sven Ingvars)
We publish for soloists and conductors on http://www.gso.se/performance
Documents are published on http://www.deriva.se/OPAS like http://www.deriva.se/OPAS/Installningar.pdf
Helpfiles are published on http://www.opas.se/index.php/Lathundar
Pictures from tours aso http://deriva.se/spanien/ (Forbidden pictures http://deriva.se/ejspanien/ )

Which section is not complete. When the musician logs in to schema.gso.se they are warned if the section is not full. (Future: when orchestralmanager logs in he see all sections which is not full.

Archive: how to not show encore and secret programs. Problems in http://www.gso.se/goteborgs-symfoniker/arkiv Solved in the arcive: do not show coming programs.

Gothenburg; Most Important in the IT Environment (external study). OPAS in top ....

Arne no time left
Gender equality statistics. http://www.opas.se/index.php/Statistik_Urval2
OPAS updates Homepage. http://www.deriva.se/OPAS/OPASGSO.docx
VOD (video on demand) and OPAS
Who does what in OPAS. Input. Who is Responsible in different arias. http://www.deriva.se/OPAS/Ansvar.xlsx
Planning Tool coming five years

Stefan showed:
Tour report and report for stage instructions/ressources
possibility of Excel Pivot tables

Pen: Arne

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