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Summary from OPAS-seminar in Copenhagen may 2014

To all who was a part of the OPAS-seminar in Copenhagen!

Thanks for coming - I attach files, and list of the things, we discussed:

• OPAS app/online – did get quite much attention. The platform has developed very much, and the interface to control user rights looked very interesting to me. Mostly read-only, but services can be edited here. Apps to IOS and very soon also Android (opas mobile) – connected to OPAS online.

• Calendar integration and syncing – should be possible through OPAS online.
Status: Hubert will check on this – and I’ll keep you informed

• New feature: Through OPAS online to upload files connected to a project – could be rehearsal parts in PDF, but also other stuff.
Status: In progress, I’ll keep you informed

• Arne Nilsson from GSO showed his very impressive web-feed-solutions – a “personalized OPAS online” in some ways. Takes some programming and time – but you get exactly the presentation, you want.
History 1905 to summer 2015
Schedule season 2014-15

• OPAS 9.24 is just about to be public. Biggest changes:
- To organize your favourite windows in folders,
- To see the list and the main window simultaneously.
- Windows opens maximized with tabs for navigation.
- Report of all records or the active record
- New search in windows. Search in linked tables. Can be customized by the administrator

• OPAS 20, or whatever the name will be. The new version, ready in maybe 2 -3 years from now. To run on any platform and Operation system, not just Windows. Anyone can write applications to the platform provided by Woelbitsch

• Checklists and documents are stored at any date – and is furthermore collected at the projects checklist, where all docs and checklists are joined in two “master lists”. This checklist can be printed on any report, and sorted in different ways here.

Ti OPAS-bud
Excel fra DR – output from OPAS (a paper in constant progress)
Production-plan from DR, an example

Arnes links – GSO main official page – the plan for the week – links to a lot of good stuff – let’s update this base of knowledge

Jakob Helmer Mørck
Orkesterregissør, DR Musik
With some changes by Arne

Some more discussions:
How to introduce OPAS to an organization
1. Be sure to have a technical manager who learns OPAS properly
2. Best if there is a person who takes care of the teaching
3. Install OPAS with sql database. Easier to change reports with other orchestras
4. Do you need room booking so invest in OPAS Quickbooking
5. Buy OPAS with Daniels database of orchestral music
6. Start the OPAS-work with editing works database to fit your organization. Take your time for this!
7. Teach your staff and start simple and develop as everyone feels comfortable with the program

Other good stuff
We got a script from Oslo Philharmonic which creates dates for a complete season from a template.

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